Dentistry Asleep (General Anesthetic)

Dentistry Asleep is also referred to as General Anesthetic Dentistry a form of dental sedation. In our practice, “Dentistry Asleep” is administered by an experienced and qualified anesthetist who specializes in dental sedation.  All of the safety equipment that you would expect in a major hospital will be provided to ensure your safety throughout the procedure.

Once “Dentistry Asleep” is experienced you will have an entirely new and relaxed outlook when you next see the dentist.

General Anesthetic Dentistry is incredibly safe and does not require you to be an inpatient of a hospital. Allowing your procedure to be done in our surgery offers Dr. Kelly and her team access to all our resources making your treatment so much more efficient. The procedure does not require hospitalization or extended recovery. You can have “Dentistry Asleep” at Riverside Dental while comfortably resting in the dentist’s chair.  During “Dentistry Asleep” you are in a very calm and relaxed state and breathing spontaneously. Your sedation under “Dentistry Asleep” allows you to be calm, relaxed and unaware of anything going on before the dentist begins your treatment. When you wake up you will have no memory or recollection of anything that has occurred.