Administration Team

Our administration team are the first line of communication between you and Riverside Dental. Upon entering the office, one of our friendly dental administrators will greet you and ensure that we are ready for your appointment. Offering bilingual customer service, our dental administrators handle all the administrative aspects of our dental office ensuring that all appointments are scheduled and handled properly.
Book your appointment today with Riverside Dental as we work on one smile at a time to restore and maintain the natural beauty of your smile.
Never walk away unsatisfied!!!!!  It is our mission to care for you as if you were a family member and to respect your individual needs.

Have questions about your account? Why didn’t my insurance cover my services?
At Riverside Dental our Finance Coordinator is here to help you with these questions.
We are here to understand your specific financial needs and work with you to help you understand your financial obligations. Financial issues are a private matter so we meet with you in a private office setting to discuss any concerns you have about your account.
Treatment Coordination
Our goal is to ensure every patient completely understands your treatment needs and completely involves you in the decision making process. Your treatment is presented to you in a comfortable private setting where you are encouraged to ask questions.
Treatment coordinators help manage your insurance to take full advantage of your dental plan and can customize the length of the treatment according to your needs. Some patients want to have all work done as quickly as possible yet others would like to plan the work over a longer period to take advantage of insurance coverage.